Ten Short Studies

On July 24, 2014 I published my “10 Short Studies For Classical Guitar“. It is essentially a publication suitable for guitar students of the early years. The good news is that this little book which includes the score (10 pieces and audio recording) is completely free. Everyone can download it at the following link:

https://danielelazzari .wordpress.com/10-short-studies/

I don’t feel to be a composer. A few months ago I started taking notes while I improvised and then I shaped the sound material. These are Studies that are small musical compositions which allow to learn something about the instrumental technique. In fact, I believe that the instrumental technique is nothing more than a means to solve problems of musical interpretation. In other words, the technique arises from the interpretation of music ever since we begin to study music.

I am a guitar teacher and I composed these little pieces of music for my own students. But I decided to share them hoping they can help the work of many guitar teachers. The included audio recording only has instructional purposes. I am not fully satisfied with the recording so in the future probably I’ll update this part of the work.

I wait for your comments, enjoy this music.. Thank you! 🙂

10 studi


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