One chance


Buongiorno Maestro!

(…) It was the better guitar concert I have ever heard! thank you!

For the musician who wish to begin the concert career, it is very hard today. To win an important international competition seems the only way to hope in something. I believe that the musician, expecially the concert artist, is a professional who should have a solid knowledge of Music and his instrument, “the technique, the knowledge at the service of the Music”. I have spent many years to study music in a thorough way to have a large concert repertoire. It is surprising to see many young guitar performers give hundreds concerts around the world having only one or two concert programmes! How is it possible? Many italian artists are forced to leave their country to have one chance to begin the career. My question is: How to have a chance?


Submitted by Manuel Barrueco on Fri, 2007-08-31 12:27.

Buongiorno Daniele,
Are you sure that was my concert? Just joking…thank you.
These are very important questions you ask and I am personally, and increasingly, more and more concerned as to how to help our young players.
Having said that, quality and quantity are two different things. The amount of repertoire someone plays tell me nothing about the quality of the player or how interesting he or she is. What it does tell me, is that this player probably will not, or should not, get re-engaged very often if he or she has a small repertoire.
It’s also good to keep in mind that fame and quality are two separate things. Some people are very famous but not very good. So the best advice I feel I can give you is to try to be the best guitarist you can possibly be and then try to find ways to let people hear you. Hopefully, if what you are doing is of very good quality, you’ll find people that will appreciate it.

Manuel Barrueco


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