Manuel Barrueco


A great musician also has a life! This is a letter that Manuel Barrueco has writed to me in an opened guitar forum. I have asked to him what about his life because I think that this is very important to understand where he can take his artistic inspiration. Many people wish to know which are “the secrets” of his fantastic instrumental technique. But, how to have a perfect guitar technique is not a secret today. The globalization has some positive effects and this is an example: at present the guitarists are excellent musicians. The work of hundreds wonderful guitar teachers has given good fruits.

Sun, 2007-09-02 11:57

Hi Daniele,

I have two daughters who are grown women now (25 and 26 years of age) and neither one of them decided to become musicians, which I never encouraged or discouraged. I also have two elderly parents, 83 and 87 years of age that require lots of time and take up a lot of my thoughts.

Recently all I can think about is wines, and to have a great meal with a great bottle is one of the things I find most enjoyable in this life. Wines have changed the way I see many things and it has even influenced the way I see music, performers, and instruments! I don’t read as much as I would like to, something I deeply regret, and I don’t watch much TV, though it’s often on CNN for background noise, especially when traveling!

I love nature and mountains, but I am definitely an ocean person, I guess not surprisingly since I come from a tropical island. In fact, a few years ago I bought an ocean front condo smack in the middle of South Beach in Miami Beach (where I am right now!). I love how cosmopolitan this place is with all kinds of people. Many northerners and Europeans come down in the winter while many South Americans come up in the summer. There is also a very large Cuban community, which is probably the closest I can be to being back in Cuba where I have never gone back because of the politics there. Here in South Beach I love going for walks after practicing, going to all the restaurants within walking distance (in my main residence outside of Baltimore I’m more likely to bump into a deer than into a person!), and of course going to the ocean. I love finding myself surrounded by a school of fish as it makes me feel like a child again!

I have a love/hate relationship with computers. I resent the loss of privacy and how addictive they can be, but I am in awe of how it has made the world a smaller place and all the opportunities they afford us. Take this exchange as an example.

This may sound strange but I actually appreciate and love the guitar more than ever before. I think it is a privilege to be able to go around the world making music. In fact, I don’t know what my life would have been without it!

Manuel Barrueco


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