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This is the official website of Daniele Lazzari, italian classical guitarist and composer. You can find informations about his biography or listen to his music demos. Some of his compositions are downloadable. Please, feel free to comment contents or contact Mr. Lazzari.

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From 1st to 4th of August 2017

Mr. Lazzari will be in Salerno, Italy
for a concert, a masterclass and a conference
For more details:

[ENG – ITA] Italian Guitar Camp 2017.pdf

April 2017: Interview for Expat.Com [ITA]

Last Videos

May 28th 2017 – LIVE performance:mpv-shot0003

May 5th 2017 – LIVE performance:mpv-shot0001



October, 1. – WORLD MUSIC DAY, Budapest
August, 3.-4. – GUITAR CAMP, Salerno (Italy)
July, 22.- Aragonese CASTLE, Castro, Lecce (Italy)
June, 10. – RECORDING session NEW CD
May, 28. – RECORDING session for YT channel
May, 2. & 5. – RECORDING sessions NEW CD
April, 30. – RECORDING session NEW CD
April, 5. – RECORDING session for YT channel
March, 31. – RECORDING session for YT channel
March, 17. – RÓZSA House of Culture, Budapest / 6 pm
February, 19. – PIK Concert Hall, Budapest / 4 pm
February, 8. – ART GALLERY Community Center, 18th district, Budapest / 6 pm
January, 9. – UNIVERSITY of Business, Budapest / 7 pm